Menu (菜单)

Ke-Kho Curry-Fun ®

Our Premier Lunch Pack
(M - RM8.00, L - RM10.00 [Fish / Beef])
Specially treated boneless chicken meat, simmered tenderly into our specialty Curry Sauce & escorted by supple potato… blending the taste with a choice of egg fried rice or a simple plain rice

Now Available in Varieties of meat (Beef / Chicken), seafood (Prawns / Fish), vegetable (Kang-kong /Spinach) in our Special Curry Sauce!

Emperor (aka Dongbei) Dumplings
(RM1.80 each, minimum order 5 pcs)
On-Demand order – a choice of meat or Chinese cabbage +eggs packed into bite size hand-made flour dumpling skin, steamed and served with soya sauce, vinegar, diced garlic & sesame seed oil! A sensational dish! When ordering, please indicate Meat or Vegetable filling






Gyo-Za! (饺子)
(RM1.00 each, minimum order 5 pcs – about 150gm @)
On-Demand order – a choice of meat or vegetable &eggs packed into small bite size hand-made flour Gyo-Za shell, boiled and served with soya sauce, vinegar, diced garlic & sesame seed oil! A sensational snack for everyone!
When ordering, please indicate Meat or Vegetable filling
® (M RM9.50  L RM12.00)


New!! Bite-sized ribs simmered in our special XO sauce, roasted with variety of spices to produce a perfectly blended aroma.
Ribs are then bathed with our special XO sauce for the additional gravy enjoyment! Served with choice of white steam rice.

Dong-Bei Cold Salad
(M RM4.50  L RM6.00)

New!! An appetizing & healthy salad dish, made from variety of fresh Chinese white cabbage, carrots, mushroom - topped with vinegar and Ke-Kho's special topping sauce.


Meat Ball Fried Rice
(M RM8.00  L RM10.00)

Nicely rounded meatballs simmered into thick tomato sauce coupled with crunchy fresh lettuce. Served with wok fried rice & eggs.



Assam Prawns
(Set F  M – RM10.00  L RM15.00)

Succulent fresh Prawns simmered with Assam paste & chili oil served with cucumber – a classic Nyonya dish! – Served with Steam Rice & assorted salad as your side dish

Prawny Petai
(M RM9.00  L RM12.00)

Another Classic Nyonya cuisine with lovely peeled Petai seeds & prawns cooked in Curry Kapitan paste – Served with steam white rice


Cabbagie Glass Nudle
(M – RM8.00 L – RM10.00)

Fresh leafy & crunchy cabbage sliced, stir fried with garlic & eggs topped with glass noodles. Served with steam rice & clear tonic chicken soup! A Healthy Lunch option!

Gao Choi Eggs
(M - RM5  L - RM7)

A simple yet thoughtful meal that can be taken any time of the day. Fresh cut " Gao Choi" pan fried with eggs & spies combines both the nutritional & mineral goodness for your balanced diet.

Healthy Vege Wrap
(RM2.00 each wrap)

Fresh leafy crunchy lettuce wrapping rice, sweet sauce carrot shreds, chicken / meat sticks into a sensational vege purse.
 – Another Healthy Choice!


Fly-Lice ® (Set D  M RM6.00  L RM8.00)

Nicely steamed rice, wok fried with fresh pink onions, eggs, green peas, carrot cubes, corn, dried prawns, diced ham, with a choice of spicy chili oil or oyster sauce.






Meat Buns
(RM2.50 each)

Our special meat & cabbage combination, wrapped in the nicely kneaded home-made flour, gradually steamed to preserve the natural flavor of the ingredients.
A perfect snack at any time!



NEW Items!


 Bitter Gourd Fried Eggs
(RM5.00 / dish)









 Prawny Finggy Curry Fun!
(RM8.50 / dish)
Super XO Ribs
(RM10.50 / serving)